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EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show 2012
I'll be at EV Fest 2012!
550 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada
Join us in The Pavilions!
Sunday, September 9th!
Hours: 10AM - 5PM!

See Electric Cars, Motorbikes
Personal Electric Conversions
eBikes, Scooters, And More!
Take advantage of the Special
running right now on the EV Fest Blog!
EvergreenBrick Works - Looking South

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Battery Boxes for the Electricfly!

These are photos of the Battery Boxes after Rust Protection Treatment, but before the New Trojan SCS-150 Batteries were Installed!

rear_top-view rear-looking-back rear-medium-view
box-3 box1+2_left box1+2_right

What is the Maximum Charge time You can accept?
10 Minutes
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
90 Minutes
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 Hours
6 Hours
8 Hours
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For some information and calculations you can use, se my new spreadsheed with some sample battery capabilites (Amps - time) and an edited copy of the Peukerts formula that works quite well and simply - download it here.

The file name is: PbA+Peukert-formula.xls

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