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With what reading I have done and with help From Richard Lane, the following information has been presented here for a general oveview of the procedures to convert a gas powered car to a battery electric powered Vehicle.
Robert Weekley, Webmaster

This procedural outline has been done free of charge and may be distributed as free source information but not to be used in any for profit publication without credit to Richard Lane, REV Consultants Ltd.

Auto Electric Vehicle Conversion - Steps Involved

"This is a basic list. Many steps here require detailed design and testing before continuing on to the next phase.

Use at own risk.

No Liability is Assumed as a result of using this list as a total guide to a 'Do-it-yourself' EV Conversion Project ( diy electric vehicle conversion):

it is strictly for information purposes, so you may know of the major steps involved. "

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Idea: to convert a car from Gasoline to Electric

PART 1 - The Vehicle

Read & Study
(Select Books, Magazines, and Articles to give you a more complete understanding of the process.)
Down - Next step
Decide on Possible Donor Vehicle, AC or DC Conversion, Voltage Desired
Down - Next step
Plan Location, Type and Number of Batteries/Cells Most important step!
Down - Next step
Acquire Donor Vehicle
Down - Next step
Prep Vehicle - Rust removal? Don't start with a rusty vehicle!
Down - Next step
Safety Check Vehicle
Down - Next step
Any remaining Safety Issues
Down - Next step
Acquire Electric Vehicle Components:
Motor, Controler, Throttle, Battery Boxes, DC-DC Converter, Battery BMS, Individual Battery Monitoring Gages

PART 2 - Preparing the Vehicle

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Remove Radiator, etc.
Down - Next step
Engine & Transmission Removal
Down - Next step
Remove Gas Tank, lines, etc.
Down - Next step
Clean up Engine Bay, steering and brake parts
Down - Next step
Prep Vehicle - Suspension
Down - Next step
Separate Engine/Transmission

PART 3 - Primary Assembly amd Initial Installations

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Mate Motor to Adapter Plate
Down - Next step
Mate Adapter Plate to Transmission
Down - Next step
Install Motor/Transmission Assembly
Down - Next step
Prepare and install power brake pump / power steering mods.
Down - Next step
Arrange Battery Boxes, design, build, install
Down - Next step
Design, build, install heating system.
Down - Next step
Prepare Required Gages (Volts, Amps, E-Meter)
Individual Cell/Battery monitor is more valuable than E-Meter
Down - Next step
Prepare & Install Throttle Pot-Box Linkage
Down - Next step
Install Motor Controller

PART 4 - Final Installations, Wiring, and Preliminary Testing

Down - Next step
Install Charger & DC/DC Converter
Down - Next step
Wire Controller, Charger, & Converter
Down - Next step
Wire Instruments & Gages
Down - Next step
Install Batteries or Cells in Boxes
Down - Next step
Recheck suspension at this point
Down - Next step
Wire Batteries/Cells to Controller, Master Power Cut-off, Circuit Breaker or Fuse
Down - Next step
Wire up Batteries / Cells
Down - Next step
Test Circuits & Test Car Readiness

PART 5 - Final Setups and Configurations, Completions!

Down - Next step
Charge up the batteries. (If Multi-Cell New Technology, follow the specific Charging Requirements.)
Down - Next step
Ministry of Transport -> Documents - Fuel Change: Gas to Electric
Details: How to Register your Converted Vehicles new Electric Status
Down - Next step
If needed - Insure Vehicle (If not already Insured),
Hint - confirm existing Insurance company will cover your conversion or Electric Vehicle after it's done, before you begin project, or find one that will.
Down - Next step
Apply for Ontario PST rebate for alternate fuelled vehicles
(RST bulletin #702)
Down - Next step
Install Plates -> Custom Plates?
(Will you be proud of the Conversion? Maybe Get the Custom Plates after you are!)
Down - Next step
Test Drive Car: Log basic parameteters like braking distances, accelerations times & amps, range.
Down - Next step
Done! (The Conversion, that is! - Now to determine the Performance - covered later!)
Done! No emissions!

If you are going to search for 'electric vehicle conversion canada' you will find but a few Currently listed EV Conversion Shops. While they are growing, Canada has been a bit slow in turning this opportunity into an Enterprize.

What is the Minimum Speed You require from your Electric Car?
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80 mph
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How Much Minimum Range on One Charge in your EV?
10 Miles
20 Miles
30 Miles
40 Miles
60 Miles
70 Miles
80 Miles
100 Miles
150 Miles
200 Miles
250 Miles
300 Miles
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