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Charger(s) for the Electricfly

The Offboard Charger is by GNB Industrial Battery Company, an 'SCR charger 100', actualy manufactured by SAFT NIFE CORP.

GNB-charger_overview GNB-charger_instruction-tag

The Onboard Charger - is by Robert Weekley (me) & Canadian Tire - in the form of a custom built charger, so far - for the front three Traction Batteries, and the AGM Accessory Battery.

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For Tesla, the energy-storage company, the magic is in batteries
Automakers like Tesla and Nissan are licking their proverbial chops at the prospect of substantially improved battery performance paired with declining battery costs as more and more lithium-ion battery packs get produced. Late last year, Navigant Research estimated that lithium-ion battery costs would fall by almost two-thirds by 2020, down to a low $180 per kilowatt hour. That should make electrified powertrains price-competitive with conventional vehicles, as electric vehicles could then command a price premium as low as $2,000 compared to their gas-powered brethren.

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