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Lead-Acid Battery Report, October 10, 2009

By Robert Weekley, Saturday, October 10, 2009 Source: myelectricfly.com/whitepapers

EnerSys 12V, 17.2AH SLA Battery Versus ThunderSky 40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell

Lead Acid Batteries are commonly chosen for use in Electric Vehicles because of their readily available sources, relatively low cost, and considered abuse tolerance. Let us examine those issues - using data from manufactures of various Lead Acid Batteries.

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Lead-Acid Battery Report, August 17, 2011

By Robert Weekley - Issue 2, August 17, 2011 Source: myelectricfly.com/whitepapers

Cyclon 8Ah 2V Cell.jpg Versus Headway 8Ah 3.2V Cell

Some Lead Acid Batteries are chosen for use in Electric Vehicles because of their High Power Output capabilities, flexible orientation options, and available single-cell selections for flexible pack design options. There are some excellent products that fit this description produced by Enersys, under the Hawker Brand, and Cyclon name, and in this report we will be looking at them in comparison to similar sized or rated cells of the Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry as produced in similar cylindrical packaging by Headway.

>Read the full pdf whitepaper here

For a Quick comparison of Lead Acid vs Nickel Metal Hydride vs Lithium - see this Battery Comparisons List at the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada.

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