Website Polls Results, as at August 14th, 2009

According to the polls on my web site, which are still too low in response for an accurate value - but interesting nonetheless, say that:

89% Can accept an Electric Vehicle that travels at speeds up to 70 Mph. 17 of 19 Votes. 11% or 2 votes suggest they need 100 Mph! (Police, or such?)

The Minimum Range per EV charge is a bit more Scattered. of 18 Votes, its a pretty thin and even split from 20 miles to 150 miles, with 82% (15 of 18) accepting an EV range of 150 miles. The last 3 voltes or 18% want from 200 to 300 miles range!

Maximum Charge time Acceptable - for what it's worth with just 3 votes = 1 says 90 minutes, and 2 say 6 hours would be acceptable.

Driving Style, also with 3 votes, says 33% = 10-20 miles & 66% = 20-30 miles, so the Chevy Volts' target of 40 miles should be reasonably OK with commuters, and my electricfly, with LiFePO4's added, could reasonably take it up to 50 - 60 miles per charge.

As to Cost - of the 12 who voted on this question on my site - the spread is again quite across the map, with only 2 saying cost is not an issue, and of the balance, 3 say - up to $30,000 - today, and 3 say not more than an entryl level gas car or not more than $2,000 more. 1 says up to $5,000 over a new gas cars price is OK, and 3 say the max they could pay would be $8,000! (I wonder if they meant they would not spend more than $8,000 - for a new car, period!?)

On the Question of buying a Gas to Electric Conversion - the two (2) votes are essentially unanimous - 1 says yes - if that's the only way to get the price I can afford, and the other says Yes - who is selling them now?

So - of those who took the time to vote their thoughts on my web site polls, most want electric cars, some sooner and without concern for cost, and others want to either wait for better ones, or do their own! As the polls are not listed in the menu anywhere - they are only found by those who take the time do dig through my site, so the results are from people who have spent time on my site digging for information with interest.

It would be nice to see the changes that come about if the polls were linked from the home page! (So that is what I have done, today!)

Until my next report, I remain,
Robert Weekley, Owner of My electricfly!